Dark Fox++ PhD
January 10th, 2021

What do we know on US situation now [10/Jan/2021]:

1. MSM is spewing out a volcano of trump hate (panic?)

2. Pelosi and co. are trying anything from Impeachment to the 25A to get rid of trump (panic)

3. BigTechs closely tied to CCP have banned (permanently!) trump's accounts

4. Blackouts in Italy & Pakistan have been reported

5. Trump's approval rating at all time high after events on the 6th

6. Scenes of significant military presence and walls erected around the white house - Trump is POTUS and in charge of the military

7. Election fraud proven beyond doubt to a level that has impacted the result of the election

8. Italy story is gaining traction

9. Trump's whereabouts not exactly known or easily confirmed

10. Biden's inaugeration reduced to some online thing

None of this is normal!

11. Kamala not yet resigned from her seat ...