RΔNDI (u/27) ✪
July 29th, 2020
The U.S. is giving away free money under the guise of pandemic relief. But the truth is, the ship is sinking slowly and they are hoping people use this free money to buy life rafts. But they’re not. They are buying flat screens and game consoles.
But what’s the alternative? Give people the free money and tell them the ship is sinking and to buy a life raft? No. Because if they tell the people the ship is sinking it will go from sinking slowly, to already sunk.
It’s highly advisable to use the free money to buy a life raft, in whatever form that looks like to you. Ideally: Food, medicine, guns & ammo.
God help you if you live in small quarters in the cities.
This is going to be highly relevant and prophetic once it happens