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File: DONhistory.png (38 KB, 636x317)
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I'm putting together a history of decentralized oracle networks, here is what I have so far. I'm looking for info on oracle networks for blockchains prior to 2014.

In 2014 the first implementation (known to me) of what we now call a DON was launched in Bitshares (1.0).
Here the nodes ("delegates") staked BTS and provided price feeds for stablecoins like bitUSD, bitCNY, bitGOLD, etc.
At the same time, Sergey was working on NXT. BTS and NXT were the two "smart blockchain" projects at the time. NXT did not have oracles or stablecoins from what I can tell, but it did have all the rest of the basic decentralized apps (tokens, namespacing, etc).
Also at this time Vitalik was coming up with Ethereum. Fun side note, Charles Hoskinson was part of Bitshares and got kicked out and went to Ethereum instead, where he would also get kicked out a short time later. Hi Charles.
In 2015 the Maker whitepaper was released and in 2016 they launched Single-Collateral Dai. This was basically bitUSD built for Ethereum. This was a bit of step backwards in DONs because unlike Bitshares, the feed providers do not stake anything, they are simply selected/ejected by MKR holders.
In 2017-2018 we have the birth of Chainlink as we know it.
It seems reasonable to assume that Sergey had the idea of Chainlink from his knowledge of BTS during his time at NXT. When he saw that MKR's solution for ETH oracles was not as general as BTS's, he saw the opportunity to create LINK.

Does anyone have an info about DONs prior to 2014? I don't think a single project before Bitshares had any price feeds run by nodes with staking.

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